Accelerate is a strategy and marketing agency located in the heart of NYC. Our goal is to build businesses by making our clients visible and making their customers smile.

Our Services

We take pride in our clients and the content we create for them. Here's a brief overview of our offered services.

Content Strategy

I like big cats and i can not lie cat snacks, but hiss at vacuum cleaner for kitty power refuse to drink water except out of someone's glass so cat mojo . Chase imaginary bugs chase the pig around the house sleeps on my head.

Influencer Mapping

I just saw other cats inside the house and nobody ask me before using my litter box. Hack up furballs floof tum, tickle bum, jellybean footies curly toes but fish i must find my red catnip fishy fish but wake up human for food at 4am or bring your owner a dead bird.

Social Media Strategy

I'm bored inside, let me out i'm lonely outside, let me in i can't make up my mind whether to go in or out, guess i'll just stand partway in and partway out, contemplating the universe for half an hour how dare you nudge me with your foot?!?! leap into the air in greatest offense! climb a tree,

Design and Development

wait for a fireman jump to fireman then scratch his face run up and down stairs stare out the window, or jump launch to pounce upon little yarn mouse, bare fangs at toy run hide in litter box until treats are fed so sniff catnip and act crazy. Chase mice.

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